QLS continues to achieve Safecontractor accreditation for 2017/18. This followed an assessment of our Health & Safety documentation to ensure that we comply with the Safecontractor Charter Standards.


QLS have successfully transitioned from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015, the updated certificate is available upon request.


QLS are one of the two companies that provide rework, inspection and retrofit activities for GM Ellesmere Port.

This was a fantastic effort by not only the management team but from the support we had, particularly from our colleagues at GM Luton where the good work during the Vivaro launch re enforced the abilities of our business to GM Europe’s management.

This good work has been reinforced by our team in Ellesmere Port led by Ray Jones with support from Tina Sweeting.


QLS has a 5000sqft facility available for storage, sub-assembly, rework and inspection in the North West of England.

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Residential Support

Launch Support

This is a service which places a full-time engineer on to the customer's launch team during the lead-in to new series production. The QLS engineer supports the timing and quality of pre- and approved-production parts at the customer manufacturing location, and deals with any customer problems by acting as a member of the supplier's team.


Once production has commenced, the QLS Launch Engineer becomes a Liaison Engineer and maintains the supplier's corporate profile, liaising with all departments at the plant and dealing with any customer issues, feeding queries and solutions between supplier and customer.

Inspection and Rework

The Liaison Engineer also organises inspection of suspect material and can arrange any reworks needed to minimise stock loss. Rework of faulty components can be performed to client instructions at the nearby QLS Quality or Activity Centre.


Major containment actions can be performed at upstream suppliers to provide controlled shipping of warranted material when required. Actions are taken in accordance with approved specifications, and are in place until your supplier conforms.

PDI and JIT Logistics

To meet the reducing customer inventory, increasing stock security and delivery demands of its clients and their customers, QLS offers manufacturers a bonded warehousing, pre-delivery inspection and JIT delivery service. In these days of global supply chains and distances, this is a particularly sought-after support activity for users of high-tech products and their suppliers.

Activity and Quality Centres

Strategically located to provide key suppliers with support where and when needed, the QLS activities include Warehousing and Storage, JIT Logistics, Component Sub Assembly, Rework, Recycling and Salvage, Functional Testing and Obsolescence Control. With facilities to support in-depth product analysis either by our own or visiting engineers, the QLS Activity Centres can provide custom designed services to all manufacturers.

QLS - Quality Liaison Services Limited is the parent company of the QLS Automotive group which supplies quality engineering services to industry in Europe, The Americas, Africa and Asia.
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